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27th Jul 2011, 9:46 PM


Comic Review: Zwerg Elf

Zwerg Elf
Some... world of warcraft like... adventure thingy thats quite funny...

Art - 3.5 / 5
- Not bad.
- perspective is a little off sometimes
- poses look a little awkward sometimes
- author is lazy drawing backgrounds sometimes... but he can do awesome backgrounds such these:

Story - 2.5/ 5
- Quite funny at times but I got bored for the most part.  Maybe this comic appeals to a certain niche readership... I dunno...  Story isnt just my type. 
- I think the 4th wall breaking is cute and funny. 

Delivery - 4/5
- Very easy to follow.  Not much to comment on except the pixelation of the lineart. 

Overall impression - 3/5
- Maybe if you are in to world of warcraft you would like this comic.  Its not for everyone. 

27th Jul 2011, 5:30 AM


End of Liberty

26th Jul 2011, 10:28 PM


Comic Review: Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet
Some magical girl super-hero... thingy... 

Art - 1.5/5
- Needs improvement on all levels.  Perspective, proportion, etc.  I'll give you some points for the effort you took to color it at least. 

Story - 1/5
- I'm sorry.  I just got totally bored.  There's very little "tension" moments.  Little to no fights... little to no drama... little to no comedy... little to no deep philosophical arguments... little to no fanservice even...  its mostly pointless "blablabla". 

Delivery - 3/5
- Panel flow understandable enough. 
- Too many "talking heads" front view shots.  Use more dynamic camera angles. 

Overall Impression - 1.5/5
- Sorry... its just... bad.  It was hard to sit through and read it all.  Dont take it too personally, ok.  :)

26th Jul 2011, 10:26 PM


Random humor strips by MattWL (

Art - N/A
- Since this is supposed to be a comic strip, I wont be too hard on the art.  The comic does its job of conveying the humor / punchline.  If I were to rate art, it would be 2/5

Story/Humor - 3/5
- I like some of the strips.  I think they're quite funny.  These ones I like:

But most of them I wanna just go "huh?!? Is that suppose to be funny?" 

Delivery - N/A
- Since this is a one-panel type strip type of comic, it is pretty much easy to understand. 

Overall Impression - 3/5
- Its all right. Not good.  Not bad.  Maybe make the art better or the jokes funnier?

26th Jul 2011, 4:35 AM


Comic Review: Pyrrhic world

Pyrrhic world
Comic about some dude and some chick going to some concert... set in a fantasy world full of monsters.  

Art - 2.5/5
- perspective needs some work
- lineart clean enough.  
- Points for being creative and coming up with monster designs.

Story - 3/5
- lmao!  I'd give you points for the humor.  I actually like your sense of humor.  :)
- But sorry... I am a little bored with the plot in of it itself.  

Delivery - 1.5/5
- panel flow understandable enough
- text is hard to read.  Can you use a computer... please?
- Its hard to tell who is who. (who is baripper?  who is deadomancer?)
- too many words on a page.  For instance: (this comic can be split in 2 pages)

Overall Impression - 2.5/5
- Maybe typing out the text and adding some colors will help?  And maybe add some more interesting stuff that happens? Too much dialog without much gets boring.  The panty humor tends to be an ice-breaker to break the boringness with some lulz.  Hahaha.