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28th Jul 2011, 1:11 PM


Comic Review: Screw You All It's My Life Not Yours

Screw You All It's My Life Not Yours
Some comic strips done by "Lincoln" (
If you dont like it, screw you all... its his life and not yours.  :)

Art - N/A
- Art is sloppy but it delivers the point across.  This is a comic strip so I wont be too hard on the art.  But if I were to rate the art, I'd give it 2/5.  Because while its bad, at least its clean.   

Story / Humor - 2/5
I really didnt find them funny.  Except maybe this strip:

Delivery - 4/5
- Very easy to understand and good choice of font.  And it draws your attention in even if you have a short attention span.  

Overall Impression - 2.5/5
- There's nothing really extraordinarily special about the life of this guy.  At least based on the very few strips that were posted up... and assuming its a comic that is actually based on his life due to the way it is titled.  But then again perhaps he'd tell me "Screw you!  Its my life.  Not yours!"  :)

And dude... don't let your mom's hypnotic suggestions get into your head.  Otherwise it may not be good for you.  (in reference to this strip: )

28th Jul 2011, 1:06 PM


Comic Review: Jenffer's Show

Jenffer's Show

Art - 1/5
- Art needs improvement in all departments.  Proportion, perspective, figures, pretty much everything.  This looks like it was drawn by  someone under age 10.  

Story - 3.5/5
- Its about a girl (who was formerly a guy) named Jenffer who turned into a cat girl... and she is lesbian.  And then she has this protector Miss J.  And her evil evil dad who seems to be evil for the sake of being evil.  And then many things happen.  Wont give spoilers.  The point is, the story in of it itself is not bad.  And there's lots of romantic stuff between lesbians involved.  

Delivery - 1/5
- many pages too large.
- Hard to understand because of too many spelling and grammar errors.  For instance (cannot list them all): (In the mid panel, it should be "let us catch her but she hit the ground") (Suppose to be "what the hell") ("survive" not "sirvle")
("before" not "befor"... and "so this is what it feels like in a cat girl's body") ("famous", "cartoonist", is "trandger" suppose to be "transgender?")

Overall Impression - 3/5
- Don't let the poor art and grammar deceive you.  If you check out "miss j bio and the cast" and the bio of the author, you will see more interesting things than the comic.  

I have a feeling that the poor art and grammar was done on purpose.  Perhaps as a joke to the reader about not judging the book by its cover?  I dont know.  

28th Jul 2011, 11:55 AM


Mosqueteria Protest at the Toronto District School Board July 25 2011

What happened to equality? Christian prayers not allowed in public school but Islamic prayers are allowed? I smell double standard.

28th Jul 2011, 5:35 AM


For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty

27th Jul 2011, 9:46 PM


Comic Review: Zwerg Elf

Zwerg Elf
Some... world of warcraft like... adventure thingy thats quite funny...

Art - 3.5 / 5
- Not bad.
- perspective is a little off sometimes
- poses look a little awkward sometimes
- author is lazy drawing backgrounds sometimes... but he can do awesome backgrounds such these:

Story - 2.5/ 5
- Quite funny at times but I got bored for the most part.  Maybe this comic appeals to a certain niche readership... I dunno...  Story isnt just my type. 
- I think the 4th wall breaking is cute and funny. 

Delivery - 4/5
- Very easy to follow.  Not much to comment on except the pixelation of the lineart. 

Overall impression - 3/5
- Maybe if you are in to world of warcraft you would like this comic.  Its not for everyone.