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1st Aug 2011, 5:24 AM


Comic Review: Climax Comics

Climax Comics
A bunch of comic strips that mostly contain adult language and situations.  

Art - 1.5/5
- Art looks like it was drawn by a 12 year old.  But at least its understandable and it serves its purpose.  

Story / Humor - 3/5
- I like these strips:

Though the rest of the strips?  Sorry.  Didnt really think they're funny.  Just... neutral impression.  heh.  :)

Delivery - 3/5
- Use type written text please.
- Text too small.  If it hurts my eyes trying to read it, I wont read it.  
- At least panels are easy to understand.  

Overall Impression - 3/5
- Its all right.  Not much to comment on.  Except maybe... I'd warn you all that this comic isn't for people who dont like adult situations as far as humor is concerned.  

1st Aug 2011, 5:22 AM


Comic Review: American Nerd in Animated Tokyo

American Nerd in Animated Tokyo
The title is self-explanatory.  Its a bunch of strips about an American nerd with is girlfriend who happens to be Roll from Megaman.  Then it turned into this final fantasy spoof thingy.  But its all really about some dude playing a playstation.  

Art - 2/5
- Bad art.  But it serves its purpose at least.  

Story / humor - 1.5/5
- Majority of the strips make me wanna go "what?  is that suppose to be funny?"  But I do like these strips:

Delivery - 1/5
- text too small in many strips.  Hard to read.  If it hurts my eyes I skip reading it.

Overall Impression - 1/5
- I got bored.  Really bored.  Maybe because I'm not in on the joke?  This comic looks like something that might perhaps... would be funny or amusing enough if read by the author's tightly knit circle of friends or something.  Sorry.  Dont take it too personally. 

29th Jul 2011, 11:32 PM


A Wise & Honest Arab Muslim Man Tells Muslims The Truth About Themselves - A Must See

I wonder if this guy is still alive after that...

29th Jul 2011, 1:05 AM


Comic Review: Noche

About some science experiment thingy gone wrong... then the subject (some girl who looks like she's in her late teens or early 20s) who happened to have superhuman powers escapes.  Then she finds herself in a desert.  And then some grim reaper fellow finds her.  And his name is... *drumroll*...  Greg.  And then...  thats about it.  Wont spoil it. 

Art - 2.5/5
- Author seems to have grasp of shading and color but needs alot of work on figures and some work on perspective. 
- Lineart needs to be cleaned
- some fight scenes hard to understand.  For instance, in panel 1 on this page:
- Art improved maybe by 10-20% from the beginning to the latest page.  I guess your art naturally improves as you keep cranking out pages... 
- Author shows signs of the will to improve his art. 

Story - 4.5/5
- Has some humor to it... but its really a serious comic.
- I really liked the story.  It didnt bore me.  Even if this is a cliche "good guys vs some evil organization" type of story, the author has done a good job in making it interesting. 
- I could have given this a "5" but... I think the story needs  a little more depth to it.  Just my opinion... cuz I have studied psychology extensively.  I think the character of Noche could have been given a little more depth in the psychological sense. 

Delivery - 3.5 / 5
- Pages too big.  Pls resize them for a computer with a resolution that is 1024 x 768
- some spelling errors: ( For instance, its "existEnce" not "exsitance") ("knowledge") ("magnet" and "temporary") ("tomorrow")
- Other than that, easy to understand panel flow. 

Overall Impression - 3.5 / 5
- Bad art but awesome story.  Bummer eh? 

29th Jul 2011, 1:02 AM


Comic Review: Double Jump Game Comics

Double Jump Game Comics

Art - 4 / 5
- Art is good.  I love the drawing style, actually.  May need some cleaning up here and there and maybe some minor errors...  For instance in these strips: (her right hand in the 1st panel looks a little too big) (Dude's shoulder in 3rd panel looks a little dislocated) (Dude in 1st panel... hand too big and body out of proportion)

But hey... everyone makes mistakes.  So its not a big deal.  :)

Story / Humor - 3 / 5
- Most of em arent really funny in my opinion and make me go "WHAT?!?"  Maybe because I havent played the games being referenced?  I'm not really a gamer type.  But sometimes, some of the strips are funny.  I warn you though... some of the strips contain extreme violence.  Not sure if you'd like em... 

I like these ones though (warning:  some of them contain extreme violence)...

Delivery - 2.5 / 5
- I normally dont like handwritten dialog.  But the handwriting here is good enough so I'll let it pass.
- I hate side scrolling.  Makes it hard to navigate. 
- could you maybe up the contrast a little when you scan them? 

Overall Impression - 3.5 / 5
- I think you would appreciate this comic more if you are a gamer type.  But as a non-gamer (but ex hardcore counter-strike and starcraft player) I think this comic has its good points.