FILLER: MAGICAL WARRIOR (old old nostalgia art. lol)

posted 4th Aug 2011, 1:08 PM

 FILLER:  MAGICAL WARRIOR (old old nostalgia art.  lol)
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4th Aug 2011, 1:08 PM


Notes on Page and Rant
And for today's update... I present you... art I did a long time ago. I was 14 when I did this. lol.

Just found my old old old comic. Long before I ever got online. I just drew this for the hell of it and my only readers were a couple of friends I got. Thats about it.

MAGICAL WARRIOR... a story about how a delinquent high school student named Ronald Dimau who is a gangbanger... and how he manages to save the world from total destruction... by taking care of business in a parallel dimension where he's originally from.

In this story, Mara-Nina... a character some of you got to love in the Brood Knight series... was a minor villain.
Here is a better drawn picture of Ronald Dimau... though told from Mara-Nina's perspective:

And btw... when working on this comic (more like a picture storybook at that time), I really liked the chick at the bottom right of this page. Her name is "Sabelle" (pronounced like "Isabel" without the "I"). Her tatoo on the left hand turns into a snake.

Im wondering if I should redraw Sabelle. Or perhaps get her to do a comeback in the MAG-ISA storyline? What will her role be?

In Magical Warrior, Sabelle was this power hungry biatch who wanted to overthrow her brother... a prince in a kingdom in Ertolia (a parallel dimension). But too bad she isn't as smart as her brother and her brother found her out and put a price tag on her head. Thats why she went into hiding and faked her own death.

Maybe she could be one of those who supplied technology to The Order? Hoping that The Order will help her take out her brother?

But then again, just because you're a power hungry evil biatch... it doesnt mean that The Order is gonna be on your team and not double-cross you.

What do you think?

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5th Aug 2011, 5:11 AM


i think thats a good idea bringing Sabelle back. you could make it that the order DOES kill her brother and turn on her, stating that they needed both of them dead for some reason. donno that's just my thoughts.

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