Ch16 Page 20

posted 22nd Aug 2011, 5:34 AM

Ch16 Page 20
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22nd Aug 2011, 5:34 AM


This is the part where Lucia recovers some of her memories. As you can see, its got something to do with military service in the US army.

If you do your research into mind control and look at hypnosis, manchurian candidates, super soldiers, etc... clearing out the memories is part and parcel of this DEMONIC SCIENTIFIC PROCEDURE FROM THE PITS OF HELL!!! >:

When you are subjected to a large amout of mental and physical abuse your mind shuts down and tends to forget memories. And then a sub-part or sub-personality gets created in your subconscious mind. A sub-part doesnt have a consciousness of its own. A sub-personality either has a consciousness of its own or projects the illusion that it has its own consciousness. A sub-personality generally is more glaringly obvious and acts differently than the normal person.

In the field of psychology, "multiple-personality-disorder" is a highly debatable subject matter. The debate is "does it exist or not"? And with those who believe it exist, the debate is "should you create more parts or should you make the person whole?" or "should you reconcile parts or eliminate parts?"

But when you ask the psychologist who has grounding in the Christian faith (see Dr. Chris Grace, Professor of Psychology Biola university), the line has to be drawn somewhere to differentiate between a sub-personality and a demon.

In Psychotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming... a science started by Dr. Milton Erickson or G.H. Estabrooks... and later improved by Richard Bandler... and then later improved by various lesser known psychologists, hypnotists, new age gurus, etc...), and some schools of hypnosis (like 5 Path developed by Dr. Cal Banyan), there is what you call "parts therapy".

In a nutshell, parts therapy is about purposely either:
- creating parts to help the patient deal with situations.
- making the person "whole" again by uniting all parts.
- "destroying" or eliminating certain parts that dont seem to cooperate.

To accomplish that, the subject may be either:
- just reasoned with using NLP and psychotherapy techniques... subject is fully conscious
- in a state of hypnosis
- exorcism may be performed. Then again you may argue that exorcism is just another form of hypnotic suggestion. I'd just say this... The moment the SUPERNATURAL is present... psychic... paranormal phenomena... that is the handiwork of devils from the pits of hell.

Anyway enough with this rant. I can go on and on. Psychology is one of my favorite subjects. :)

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25th Aug 2011, 6:35 PM


Realizing she's a former president!

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26th Aug 2011, 1:04 AM


could she be the reincarnation of JFK? :D

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27th Apr 2016, 6:01 PM


Monarch mind control yes or MK Ultra.

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