PARA-SAYO Chapter 7 Page 13

posted 16th Jan 2017, 12:53 AM

PARA-SAYO Chapter 7  Page 13
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9th Aug 2018, 10:06 PM


Hmmm... as much as I love your character and your comic, I'm a bit worried that you're flirting with syncretism and heresy.

Don't get me wrong. You display admirable loyalty to the King - practically speaking, you may well be more in line with His will than I am. However, there are a few points that... bug me.

The point that bugs me on this page? Your claim that Jesus IS the Father. Christ Himself, in the verse you cite, describes His relationship to the Father in terms of mutual indwelling, not simple identity. And of course, He prays to the Father, speaks of the Father having sent Him, speaks of returning to the Father, and even says that the Father is the greater of the two of them in John 14:28.

Scripture gives us words to understand how the Father relates to the second and third "persons" of what has come to be known as the Trinity. Those words are Ho Theos, Logos, and Pneuma.

Ho Theos just means "The God." Usually, this expression refers to the Father. One gets the sense that the Father is the primary locus of Divinity, and that the Son and Spirit are Divine because of Him.

Logos means Word, but only in a particular sense - that of an organized, intelligent discource, or Science. It also refers to the faculty of Reason by which we understand things. The historical reasons for this choice of term are interesting, and can be used to rebut the charge that the doctrine of Christ's divinity was some sort of pagan corruption of the original Hebraic faith, so I'll briefly sketch that history.

If one looks at Proverbs 8, and cross-references it with the passages in the Apocrypha that it inspired, one finds that Jews of that age were in the habit of personifying God's Wisdom. When the disciples encountered Christ, they were forced to view such literary devices as reflections of a deeper truth about the nature of God - they were forced to believe that God's Wisdom really did have a life of His own, as the idiom goes. To avoid the gender-bending implications of identifying Christ with God's Wisdom (the Hebrew "Chokmah" and its Greek cognate "Sophia" were both feminine nouns, whereas Jesus of Nazareth was a man), the early Christians settled on the allied notion of Word/Reason ("Logos" being masculine).

Pneuma literally means Breath or Wind. But it also has connotations of Life and Vitality. Hence the typical translation of "Spirit." The basic idea is that of a principle of activity, self-motion, and animation that can be shared among many - as the early Christians, vitalized as they were by the very Divine Life that rose Jesus from the grave, were forced to conclude God's Pneuma was.

Ho Theos signals the notion of the One God, the loving maker of all things who may fittingly be called Father. Logos and Pneuma - Word and Breath - signal outward manifestations of intrinsic properties - Reason and Life, respectively. God's Reason is in Him, but He is also in His Word. He is in His Word because the word of one who speaks the truth is a manifestation of their character, and God is the Father of all Truth. Likewise, His Life is in Him, and He is also in His Breath. He is in His Breath for the breath of a strong man can resuscitate the dying, and God is Almighty; He gives His Life to us who are dead in our sins, Sanctifying us by His Power and Holiness, to His Glory.

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9th Aug 2018, 10:07 PM


You seem an earnest and faithful man. Search the Scriptures and pray. You will see that what I have said of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is true.

The syncretism bit - your apparent acceptance of chakras and reincarnation - is relatively less problematic. Christians have been stealing truths from pagan philosophers since the second century. But two things I urge you.

First, test the things you steal, both by the natural light of your own reason, and by Scripture and prayer, to see whether they are really true. All truth is God's truth, and His children have the right to their Father's possessions. But we must take care not to mix our Father's rightful property in with stolen falsehoods that belong to the father of lies.

Second, be careful not to make Scripture say more than it does. Ezekiel's wheels may be like chakras in that both are wheels, but there are also differences. The chakras are arranged vertically within the body, each associated with a human power, and there are six of them in addition to the top one - Crown, which you associate with our Lord. Ezekiel saw four wheels, each associated with a living creature, seemingly spread out in the horizontal plane - like the wheels of a chariot. It is not impossible that these things are connected, but be careful not to make Scripture say more than it says.

I am neither a better man nor a better Christian than you are. I am merely a Christian who has been gifted with a mind like a library. Knowledge is a lesser gift, and can lead to pride and similar dangers. But I hope that I have used this gift, meagre as it is, for the good of a brother in Christ.

Go with God, brother

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27th Aug 2018, 1:41 AM


I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.
(Daniel 7:9)

Wheels... what wheels is daniel talking about? Entire context of Daniel 7 is the dream of Belshazzar. No reference to any object that may have wheels unless its the throne? But why would a throne have wheels? Chakra means wheel of light...


Regarding the trinity vs one God...

- Jesus = Jehovah = Holy Ghost. Same exact essence. Just different role. At least to my understanding. It is not a salvation issue. I don't think you are damned if you believe in the Trinity.

At the end of the day, you are judged according to your deeds (Romans 2:6-11)

As well as your heart condition.. (Jeremiah 17:10)(Acts 1:24)(Romans 8:27)

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